Spending some nice fall days puzzling together a new space for Tugboat, hauling things from all of the rooms in our home that it used to occupy. Finally feeling closer...should be able to start working on some new drawings & carvings out here shortly! 
Woo-hoo! Looking forward!



The new "YOUNG PINES" woodcut is complete and looks really special. The intricate details in the block carving printed so crisp & clean! So very pleased!

"YOUNG PINES" is a 13.5" x 12" woodcut print, by Valerie Lueth, edition of 100. Printed from a single woodblock in classic black ink on Kitakata paper. 

2 trees interlace, branches & roots growing together. 

A peaceful co-existence.



Drawn & carved from a single woodblock, each tree with distinct charms! New today in our shop, the "YOUNG PINES" woodcut is printed in classic black ink to natural tone Kitakata paper. An edition of 100 prints. Pre-order now available HERE!



I (Valerie) finished this block a while back, and had been waiting for our big press move to print & release it... (we built a studio over the summer in our backyard, and are gearing up for a big production switch)...but I couldn't wait any longer, the need to make was too great, so I'm sharing pics of the block today & the print will be released in this Friday's newsletter!

"YOUNG PINES" is a one color woodcut print to be published on natural kitakata paper. Two young trees with boughs tenderly intertwined.

If you'd like to get the news to see the final print & have the first chance to pre-order, sign up on our website (entry field is at the bottom of page): www.tugboatprintshop.com



14" x 11" Woodcut Print on Natural Kitakata Paper
Valerie Lueth + Paul Roden, 2016. 
2nd Edition of 100.

The flower of romance & love, the color of passion & heartJust back up in our online shop!

"RUBY RED ROSE" is printed from 2 hand-drawn, hand-carved woodblocks by the artists onto 14" x 11" Natural Kitakata paper. 



Producing the "ACORN" woodcut began this week! Earth tones rainbow across the first block to print (top pic), brown to gold to green. The key block adds most of the "ACORN" detailing. Ornamental markings suggest vibrating energy at work. A mighty oak shoots straight out the acorn's cap! 

"ACORN" is 13" x 10" on Natural Kitakata (off-white) paper.  100 prints, going fast! Get your copy HERE!


"ACORN" Woodcut

Many new developments happening here at fort Tugboat... 

Here's one to start: the "ACORN" woodcut!

The beginnings of a mighty oak sprout from an acorn cap. Brown gives way to gold, unfurling then in bright sap green.  Geometric patterns pulse with the energy of growth! The tree shoots up, spreading leaves to sunbeams.

Two woodblocks, both printed in split fountains, make the print. "ACORN" is 13" x 10" on Natural Kitakata, 100 prints total. Get your copy HERE!



Since our first unveiling of the drawing on the key block & the introduction of pre-order in late August of 2014, we have worked steadily on the "OVERLOOK" print, designing, drawing, and carving each of the five 44" x 28" blocks.

After weeks of proofing & refining and remixing & reproofing & re-refining again and again, color proofing is finished! The print has changed a lot and in really great ways! 

We now introduce the "OVERLOOK" Woodcut Print in color! Printed from 5 blocks on 46" x 30" Okawara paper. Limited Edition. On pre-order currently, set to rise after the publication of the edition in January. (See the full print on our site!)

"OVERLOOK" is an expansive landscape lush with vibrant color and vivid patternwork. Intricate in every way, fabulously attentive to detail. The print shows a outdoor landscape that plays with scale as it rises from top to bottom from a dense forest woodland to fields and up into foothills, mountains, and finally a voluptuously clouded sky topped with a glowing blue gradient.

The "OVERLOOK" looks amazing as a single vertical piece but can also be matched up to the edges of itself to create a long, scroll-like vista of infinite size!

Available for purchase on our site HERE.

Or follow the whole making process as it continues to evolve in the printing of the edition HERE.



Final proof coming! We're color balancing & carving our last fixes in preparation for printing that for real color proof of the "OVERLOOK" woodcut this week! Hoping to have final print decisions made by Friday, and a newsletter to share it with y'all!

5 total blocks make the "OVERLOOK" woodcut print, years in the making (we haven't counted hours by boy it's been a LOT!) 

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Some shots of the "DAISY BOUQUET" woodcut on Kitakata paper. Paper size is 20" x 16", the artwork is printed from 2 woodblocks. Framed here in pickled maple with spacers & museum glass. (This is how we typically frame our prints for exhibition, with the hand-printed paper displayed object-like in a simple and elegant hardwood frame. Walnut & pickled maple are our current favorite woods!)



Update! It's been a tough call to make, but Tugboat Printshop will NOT be open for the annual Lawrenceville Artists' Studio Tour November 7th. We've got a brand new baby, an event in NYC the same day, are working to finish the "OVERLOOK" print and are just stretched too far to make it work this year. Apologies to all that were hoping to drop by!
We'll be open by appointments again starting next week (Monday, Nov. 9th), so be in touch if you'd like to come check out some color woodcut prints!
T.B.P.S. | Floor #2 | 4514 Plummer St. | PGH, PA



We transferred the sky drawing/carving from our 1st "OVERLOOK" blue block to the 2nd "OVERLOOK" blue block and then drew in some more sky details. The overall effect will (probably) compare to the sky in the "DESERT ISLAND" woodcut but with all mid-day blue tones.

(Carving is almost done, too! Forgive us for being behind in posting & documenting a bit...we're about to bring another tugboateer into our little Pittsburgh family! Baby 2 any day!)



Moving info from one "OVERLOOK" woodblock to another "OVERLOOK" woodblock (through transfer--printing from one block to another). Once this dries, we'll draw & carve the final details of the expansive blue sky and be ready to roll!!!

5 total woodblocks make the "OVERLOOK" woodcut, a huge print-in-progress we're about to wrap up that we've been working on on-and-off for the past 3 years

We'll be updating the print's webpage with new proof pictures as we get them, but you can get an idea of the current direction of the print HERE or access all of our in-progress shots to date HERE