Introducing the "OVERLOOK" woodcut! We're nearly finished with the key block drawing (we've been working on & off for 2 years on this drawing!) and finally feel that the moment is right to start talking about this new work in progress.In "OVERLOOK", a dense forest huddles tight, with groves expanding outwards, upwards, growing ever further away. The trees move with the motion of a wind, or not; some are rigid & straight, some rustling & reaching. At the middle of the print, the treeline dips down and spreads up and out into a great stretch of rolling fields and forests. Groves suggestively march across the earth, nomadic, in packs made cloudlike by the abstraction of distance. In the fields, we see mankind's organized presence. At the top of the block, which will be capped with some glorious sky in the color blocks, is a distant wrinkle of mountains. Triangles of pine forests and the rounded domes of leafy trees pepper the hillsides. Layer upon layer of undulating pattern builds intensity in the "OVERLOOK" image. The suggestion of infiniteness will be further expanded by the print's ability to meet itself seemlessly at the edges like an eternal 'wallpaper'. An ever stretching vista! We will probably exhibit the finished piece first as a diptych. But it can be singular, or a triptych, or an entire walls worth of loping, abundant wilderness.We have just released the print for pre-order HERE.  We think it will be a real cornerstone in the Tugboat Printshop collection.Did we mention it will be in color? More soon!



It's been challenging to find time to write about what we're working on lately (sorry, blog!). Lots on our fall schedule & lots going on in the studio! 

Shown above is the "VALLEY" woodcut in progress. We're now in the process of editioning this print! Shown above are the 4 color blocks, in progress. For the first time, we used paint to create wide brushstokes of color on each block to layer & build a rainbow of sky. We carved following the strokes and then added additional dashes to emphasize the cup of the valley. This edition is next to print…see the first proof color HERE



After countless hours carving color blocks, we are now printing the "COMMUNITY" woodcut! See the first run here, lots of additional shots of the lengthy process on our flickr

And, heads up, the pre-order special expires tomorrow! 



We're almost ready to begin proofing color on the "COMMUNITY" woodcut! Excited!

"COMMUNITY" woodcut prints will be finished & ready for local pick-up starting May 30th! To celebrate the date, we're hosting Happy Hour Open Studios here at Tugboat from 4:00-7pm! (May 30)

Online orders will ship the following week!

More about this new work in progress HERE.



Join Tugboat Printshop & 60 other exhibitors for Food Revolution Day at the Obama Academy, 515 N. Highland Ave., this Friday May 16th! At our table, we'll be carving & printing vegetable stamps with you! Free & open to the public, 2:30-6pm. www.foodrevpgh.com


Penning in rainbow color as we imagine up a world lush with greenery, brick, stone & log for the new "COMMUNITY" woodcut. The blocks above are being carved in low relief and will then be rolled up and inked for printing to paper. These are not the final colors of the print, these are color separations that guide our block making. The black detail block will be the last to print, atop all of the layers of printed color, to complete the print.

"COMMUNITY" will be 16" x 20" on Ivory Somerset Paper. Printed with a 1" white border around the print. Currently up for grabs at a special pre-order rate!

And on Friday, May 30th, from 4:00-7pm we're hosting a special Happy Hour Open Studios here at the printshop to celebrate the completion of the "COMMUNITY" woodcut edition! This print is currently in production, but pre-orders will be ready for local pick-up during open hours & with a festive atmosphere to boot. RSVP stopping by & please freely share the date!



Wrapping up the color blocks for the "COMMUNITY" print, which we have set to debut during a Happy Hour Open Studios later this month, on May 30thWe plan to have production completed & prints ready to ship and pickup! 

Pictured above is just the blue block for the "COMMUNITY" woodcut, almost drawn in (not yet carved out). 3 additional color blocks are also in the works. Final print size'll be 16" x 20". 

See the intricate key block detail in B&W here, but imagine a colorful world of greenery, brick, stone and log (that is what it will be!) 

Pre-order a copy here!



Thanks to Lizzy Nolin for passing along a zine she made about printmaking in Pittsburgh! 

In the zine, Lizzy reflects on visits to Tugboat Printshop & AIR (Artist Image Resources). We've uploaded a few pages, if you'd like one be in touch with her via her site



We rolled some ink on the "COMMUNITY" key woodblock today to proof & transfer the image to color blocks. We'll now be busy drawing & carving the 4 color blocks… onward!



Inside our little home-sweet-home printshop in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. Where we print all of our woodcut print editions, on a 36" x 60" Conrad etching press. It's a small, tidy space and we make the most of it! The bulk of our carving we do down in our basement headquarters, photos of that to come. Maybe. 



Saturday, April 26th, we'll be popping up at the East Liberty Street Festival with a booth of woodcut prints! Latest editions in tow. 

Stop on by, everyone's welcome ~ 5-9pm!