"JEWEL" Woodcut-in-Progress - NEW!

New project in the works! The "JEWEL" woodcut will be 7" x 6" on Natural Kitakata paper, printed from 2-3 blocks. This block (the key) will not be printed in graphic black--my aim is for the print to have an multi-color, jewel-like vibe.  Expect a few colorful split fountains (rainbow rolls)... A small print, but a rather large jewel!

I've posted the pre-order for "JEWEL" in the T.B.P.S. online shop, and as with all pre-orders at Tugboat, the price will go up when production wraps up! (I won't be dragging my feet, but it might take a couple weeks to get from here to finished edition.) Feel free to watch along; I'll post around as progress is made on this and some others!

XO, Valerie

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