Hello there! Been a while since my last post, life has been busy and full of change! I've decide to resume posting here & look forward to sharing what's been happening at the shop.

To catch up on shop goings-on over the past few months I've been away, I have been posting pretty regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr! Some new prints there to see that I'll catch up with sharing eventually...and more to come! Give a follow on any of those platforms & stay up to date with Tugboat's day-to-day.

The "BOWING FLOWER" (above) is brand new to the T.B.P.S. shop in the past week or two; a quick release and a faster style of making that I'm eager to embrace!

The finished print is 10" x 9", inked in classic black and printed from the woodblock to natural Kitakata paper. A summer blossom arches into a deep bow; a graceful flow of curving lines. "BOWING FLOWER" is an original woodblock print by Valerie Lueth, 2017. 

Limited edition is 200--copies are going fast! More information and purchase details on Etsy and in Tugboat's Shop!

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