I've been working on the color for the new "JEWEL" woodcut this past week. Decided to go with 3 blocks total; 2 print color (pictured) and 1 prints the key detail (here). Registration is spot on! I am loving where the color is headed in these proofs, and making the "JEWEL" has really got the wheels turning about printing techniques I hope to try in future prints! Energizing!

I imagine this print will look pretty special in a little frame tucked into a little corner (there are so many thin spots to hang art between windows and doors in the Pittsburgh row house I live in), or glowing small & bright from within a larger wall arrangement of artworks. 

I think I may take some of the APs from printing and make a wheat pasted wallpaper. Hmm...

Anyway, pre-order will be rather quick on the "JEWEL"!  I'm planning to start producing the edition next week.  So pre-order soon & take advantage of the reduced intro rate! 

xo, Valerie

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