And last, but not least, for the Element Air, a "WINDMILL"! We thought of the West and the plains where the slightly undulating flatness is a perfect passageway for gusting swooshes.

The "WINDMILL" (often showing up in our prints these days, like here and here) has surfaced yet again, but here as a subject on its very own. Topped with a rooster weathervane on the tip of a tiger striped log, this "WINDMILL" has the leathery brown, weathered kind of feel that comes from long stretches planted in the great windy gusts of the prairie lands. The air curls circularly about itself as wind, round and round the piece of paper. Both dusty and sunny, friendly and fearsome. 

And so, there you have all four of the new "THE FOUR ELEMENTS" woodcuts! "CLOD" (Earth), "FIREPIT" (Fire), "AQUIFER" (Water) and "WINDMILL" (Air, this post). The prints are available only as a set, but at a bargain of a price and a mighty fine grouping, we think. Sets are grouped by edition number (so, for instance all #34's are together). Edition size is 100.

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