Because of the wide range of greens & natural tones we want to color the "OVERLOOK" woodcut, we're making 2 woodblocks for blue (each will print a slightly different ink tone). Here, we're almost done drawing in the detail on the 2nd blue block--when this is done, we'll be carving night-and-day until it's done! 

The "OVERLOOK" woodcut is a 5 block, 46" x 30" color woodcut print-in-progress. This giant & intricate print and all of the blocks that make it are completely handmade using no computer or digital technologies (aside from the photos we take to record the making of it).  It has taken us over 2 years to make the key (in black) and all of the 4 color blocks, so you can imagine the growing excitement as we wrap up the last steps of the making and prepare to enter production on this massive project!

Accomplishing the "OVERLOOK" woodcut will start a new chapter at Tugboat Printshop.

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