Carving on the 2nd blue block and final color block for the upcoming "OVERLOOK" woodcut has begun! A dense forest to carve through, but this block will add a secondary green tone to the printed image, along with shadow/depth between vertical landscape layers in the print as a whole. (A couple details of the 2nd blue block in progress above) Exciting!

Once carved, we'll finally be able to see the first real glimpses of our vision for the "OVERLOOK" color woodcut print taking shape. The print, which is designed to be both a singular vertical artwork or an infinitely expandable horizontal landscape diptych/triptych/installation, will be lush with color and pattern beyond anything we've ever made.

We have tried our best to document the work on this print, but no number of photos can do it proper justice! It's difficult to communicate both the intricacy & scale. We've collected the best into this photoset

Our online shop features a brief intro to the print & process of making it, with the ability to pre-order at an introductory rate (for just a limited while longer!)

Here goes!

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