Tycho! Copernicus! Sea of Nectar! Ocean of Storms! In celebration of this weekend's Supermoon, here's a little guide map to "THE MOON"

The moon's craggy grey terrain is imaginatively brought into focus in this new large-scale print. This 36" x 32" hand-drawn, hand-carved woodcut celebrates the moon as a popular icon of wonderment and also serves as an interpretive map to familiar geographic locations on the moon's distant, silvery surface! 

The labels on "THE MOON" print above are not part of the final printed image. Just there for reference, y'all. The finished print can be viewed & purchased, framed or unframed on our site HERE. Limited edition of 200 prints (act fast, only 25% of the edition remains!) 

"THE MOON" is a collaborative artwork, created start to finish by the two of us here at Tugboat Printshop (Paul-n-Valerie).  We make all of our traditionally crafted prints by carving original drawings in low relief on blocks of birch plywood and then print them onto archival paper to create the finished artworks. 

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