We're a little behind in updating the blog with process pictures of "DESERT ISLAND", our latest woodcut (currently in the works), so here goes! A big catch-up jumble of photos from carving to inking to the very latest, now up on our flickr, the first proof on newsprint!

"DESERT ISLAND", as with many of our larger scale prints in progress (and this one will be roughly 20" x 35"), is now available for introductory pre-order

Pre-ordering is a gamble on the part of the buyer, since colors haven't decided and there is a leap of faith in our final choices required, but if you like what we do and have faith that we'll do it nice, you can get your very own copy of "DESERT ISLAND" at a nicely reduced price! 

Details about pre-ordering are HERE! Pre-order's only available for a limited time, basically until the prints are all finished. 

Ok! Many more shots & details to come as we wrap up this new cut. And, like we have said before, many more shots can be viewed in detail on our flickr. Stay tuned!

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