The biggest piece we've tackled to date--AND we have a special offer for the holidays to be able to get one at a really great price!

Subject of myth, fable, story and wonderment…our constant extraterrestrial partner, producer of tides and stepping stone to the great abyss beyond…THE MOON!

We look to the sky knowing that shining little circle is out there, it's radiant face reflecting light down through the dark of night. Nestled into a backdrop of twinklin stars (yes, this print will have those!), "THE MOON" is blown up to fantastic degree, illustrating the terrain and seas of craggy grey surface, both a map and an image

Really just so excited about this new print in the works that we can hardly contain ourselves! Shown above is the key block being drawn in for this new 36" x 32" print. "THE MOON" is now available for a limited time intro pre-order rate (delivery by Dec. 25th!) on our site.

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