Two key blocks drawn and carved (check!) One yellow block drawn and carved (check!) One red block drawn and carved and transferred back to blue (check!) One blue block drawn, transferred on, drawn on some more, and carved (check! check! check! and almost check!)

We're rounding a big corner on our "GARDEN" woodcut this week ~ the final color block (above) is almost carved! The blue block has been drawn to create the colors blue, green, purple, and brown in the "GARDEN" image. When this block is finished, we will begin the process of proofing ALL 5 blocks together and perfecting the color palette for the print. We should have a final decision made and a print ready to show you all oh-so-very, very-soon!!!

This is probably one of the most complex woodcut prints the 2 of us have ever made. The amount of detail in the 5 blocks that have been painstakingly drawn and carved makes our heads spin. And it's almost done! If you haven't been following the progress of this print, more process photos of it's start-to-finish development can be found on our flickr. (You can view all of the other blocks there too.)

And if you'd like to secure a copy of your very own, you are in luck! Pre-order rate still applies! Get a copy of the "GARDEN" woodcut here! Xo!

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