More of "America"

A detail of the light blue color block for "America the Beautiful" (above) and the entire block set as they have progressed (below). Drawn color will not be the actual color of the ink...for instance, the yellow ochre on the block below will be printed in a golden, much brighter yellow.

Together all of the blocks will make orange, yellow, light green, dark green, a lilac-y purple, brown, red, royal blue, light blue, dark purple and coral. The black block will be printed overtop of all the colors.


susan heggestad said...

Yay - Tugboat printshop!! This is the America I want to see...
Wish I could pop over for coffee in the morning. Wouldn't that be nice?

Tugboat Printshop said...

That would be soooo nice, Susan! We miss you!
Exciting to be finishing America up...we've drawn the country like 5 times now. Whew! Gonna be a good one :)