Working on "America" in Color

We've been busy at work on the color blocks for "America the Beautiful"...here's a glimpse at our early progress on a couple of the color blocks. There will be 4 color blocks total + the key block (black) to make the full color print. More soon!


susan heggestad said...

Very cool, as usual.
When are you gonna share some info about upcoming festivals/art fairs?

Tibi said...

Looks really interesting. I liked the b&w print too. BTW, what registration method are you using for printing multiple colors?

Tugboat Printshop said...

Thanks! We are using a simple jig we built for registration...and push pins.

The transfer on these blocks was pretty light, but printed well enough that we can see where the landmarks are and colors go. It also helps that we know it by heart :)

We're pretty excited about the color!