This Saturday, Dec. 2nd, I'll be tabling Tugboat Printshop woodcuts at Pittsburgh's annual Handmade ArcadeStop by booth #57 to look & chat for a bit (back by the concessions); I'll be extending in-person holiday specials to print-lovers! 

Event is from 11am-7pm at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (Downtown Pittsburgh). Gonna be fun times; see you there!


New "PAGE TURNER" Book Woodcut in B&W -or- Color!

The B&W version of "PAGE TURNER"! This is a new woodcut currently in production by Valerie here at Tugboat Printshop. This print will be available in a limited edition of B&W (black ink on natural tone Kitakata paper) -AND- in 2 block color! Pictured here is the 1st proof of the B&W version of the print. 

Because the color version hosts a lighter ink gradient on the key block, that edition will be printed 1st. Both will be ready in time for holiday gifting. More details & pre-order for both or either options available HERE!

-Valerie | T.B.P.S.


Key block for "PAGE TURNER" Woodcut

Had to post a few shots of the finished "PAGE TURNER" key block carving before ink; such a crisp, clean cut! This print-in-progress is available for pre-order as either a B&W or color print--limited time, limited editions; more details here.

-Valerie | T.B.P.S.


Drawing to Carving "PAGE TURNER" Woodcut

The new "PAGE TURNER" Woodcut in the works! Prints start as drawings directly on blocks of 3/4" plywood; drawings are carved in low relief using little knives/gauges/chisels. Ink is rolled across the raised surface of the finished carving to create impressions of the block on fine paper. 

"PAGE TURNER" is currently on pre-order with 2 options -- B&W (as shown on the website here) or color (still in progress).  More details about this new woodcut-in-progress HERE!

-Valerie | T.B.P.S.


"THE WOLF" Woodcut - Carved!

I haven't been very timely with my blog posting on the making of this new woodcut,"THE WOLF," but you can see the whole start-to-finish process unfolding on Flickr photoset here!

This block is 10" tall by 18" wide - paper size will be roughly 12" x 18". The block will be rolled with black ink and printed to a natural tone paper, much like "YOUNG PINES" and "BOWING FLOWER".

Pre-order is live, price bumps up a bit at the end of the week so now is the time for a deal: Pre-order here!




I've been working on the color for the new "JEWEL" woodcut this past week. Decided to go with 3 blocks total; 2 print color (pictured) and 1 prints the key detail (here). Registration is spot on! I am loving where the color is headed in these proofs, and making the "JEWEL" has really got the wheels turning about printing techniques I hope to try in future prints! Energizing!

I imagine this print will look pretty special in a little frame tucked into a little corner (there are so many thin spots to hang art between windows and doors in the Pittsburgh row house I live in), or glowing small & bright from within a larger wall arrangement of artworks. 

I think I may take some of the APs from printing and make a wheat pasted wallpaper. Hmm...

Anyway, pre-order will be rather quick on the "JEWEL"!  I'm planning to start producing the edition next week.  So pre-order soon & take advantage of the reduced intro rate! 

xo, Valerie


"JEWEL" Woodcut-in-Progress - NEW!

New project in the works! The "JEWEL" woodcut will be 7" x 6" on Natural Kitakata paper, printed from 2-3 blocks. This block (the key) will not be printed in graphic black--my aim is for the print to have an multi-color, jewel-like vibe.  Expect a few colorful split fountains (rainbow rolls)... A small print, but a rather large jewel!

I've posted the pre-order for "JEWEL" in the T.B.P.S. online shop, and as with all pre-orders at Tugboat, the price will go up when production wraps up! (I won't be dragging my feet, but it might take a couple weeks to get from here to finished edition.) Feel free to watch along; I'll post around as progress is made on this and some others!

XO, Valerie



Hello there! Been a while since my last post, life has been busy and full of change! I've decide to resume posting here & look forward to sharing what's been happening at the shop.

To catch up on shop goings-on over the past few months I've been away, I have been posting pretty regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr! Some new prints there to see that I'll catch up with sharing eventually...and more to come! Give a follow on any of those platforms & stay up to date with Tugboat's day-to-day.

The "BOWING FLOWER" (above) is brand new to the T.B.P.S. shop in the past week or two; a quick release and a faster style of making that I'm eager to embrace!

The finished print is 10" x 9", inked in classic black and printed from the woodblock to natural Kitakata paper. A summer blossom arches into a deep bow; a graceful flow of curving lines. "BOWING FLOWER" is an original woodblock print by Valerie Lueth, 2017. 

Limited edition is 200--copies are going fast! More information and purchase details on Etsy and in Tugboat's Shop!



Spending some nice fall days puzzling together a new space for Tugboat, hauling things from all of the rooms in our home that it used to occupy. Finally feeling closer...should be able to start working on some new drawings & carvings out here shortly! 
Woo-hoo! Looking forward!



The new "YOUNG PINES" woodcut is complete and looks really special. The intricate details in the block carving printed so crisp & clean! So very pleased!

"YOUNG PINES" is a 13.5" x 12" woodcut print, by Valerie Lueth, edition of 100. Printed from a single woodblock in classic black ink on Kitakata paper. 

2 trees interlace, branches & roots growing together. 

A peaceful co-existence.



Drawn & carved from a single woodblock, each tree with distinct charms! New today in our shop, the "YOUNG PINES" woodcut is printed in classic black ink to natural tone Kitakata paper. An edition of 100 prints. Pre-order now available HERE!



I (Valerie) finished this block a while back, and had been waiting for our big press move to print & release it... (we built a studio over the summer in our backyard, and are gearing up for a big production switch)...but I couldn't wait any longer, the need to make was too great, so I'm sharing pics of the block today & the print will be released in this Friday's newsletter!

"YOUNG PINES" is a one color woodcut print to be published on natural kitakata paper. Two young trees with boughs tenderly intertwined.

If you'd like to get the news to see the final print & have the first chance to pre-order, sign up on our website (entry field is at the bottom of page): www.tugboatprintshop.com