Since our first unveiling of the drawing on the key block & the introduction of pre-order in late August of 2014, we have worked steadily on the "OVERLOOK" print, designing, drawing, and carving each of the five 44" x 28" blocks.

After weeks of proofing & refining and remixing & reproofing & re-refining again and again, color proofing is finished! The print has changed a lot and in really great ways! 

We now introduce the "OVERLOOK" Woodcut Print in color! Printed from 5 blocks on 46" x 30" Okawara paper. Limited Edition. On pre-order currently, set to rise after the publication of the edition in January. (See the full print on our site!)

"OVERLOOK" is an expansive landscape lush with vibrant color and vivid patternwork. Intricate in every way, fabulously attentive to detail. The print shows a outdoor landscape that plays with scale as it rises from top to bottom from a dense forest woodland to fields and up into foothills, mountains, and finally a voluptuously clouded sky topped with a glowing blue gradient.

The "OVERLOOK" looks amazing as a single vertical piece but can also be matched up to the edges of itself to create a long, scroll-like vista of infinite size!

Available for purchase on our site HERE.

Or follow the whole making process as it continues to evolve in the printing of the edition HERE.

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