Excited to be wrapping up the last of the drawing on the 2nd blue block this week & moving on to exclusively carving until this big, big intricate woodcut print (the "OVERLOOK") is finished! Hoping to be able to begin proofing again, with all the blocks this time, by next week...here goes!

The detail above is of the earlybird proof, crinkled, drawn on, pasted to, revised and generally abused in the tug to get this print completed. Color will change from what you see on this proof, this is such an early tester with only 4 of the 5 blocks for the print rolled up in standard ink colors just to see how they align and mix together.  A more refined color mixing will happen when we have all of the blocks completed & ready to proof together. Such a very small little fragment of the bottom left corner of the print! 

It's BIG!

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