Triangular woodcut sketch! 1/2 of a new woodcut print to debut this week. Stay tuned for a post or join our news at www.tugboatprintshop.com!

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Suzanne O'Mullan said...

I love love love your work! Next time I am in Pittsburgh visiting my family - I am sure to call to set up a shopping time!!!!!! and... near Bloomfield (where I lived for a short while with my grandparents on Edmund Avenue)....!!!!!! I always drive by the house when I visit my mom because it floods my mind with wonderful memories. I am so thankful that you both share your talent with the public at large! Your body of masterpieces are so inspiring! Future idea? Something to do with a confusing world of autism (puzzle pieces - how the world is interpreted with someone who has severe autism?) - mixed up world? Just an idea..... would love to see it - I wonder if parents would love to see a visual of how the mind works when wired differently? Thank you for your wonderful works of art (four hands made of gold)!!!!!!