After years of planning and drawing and months of carving, the "OVERLOOK" key block is now carved in full! We will be pulling a couple B&W proofs in the next week as we transfer this image to color blocks (printing the block to newsprint, then printing the still inky newsprint onto new wood).  And then the process of building color begins!

The "OVERLOOK" landscape will start to take on more dimension as we are able to sculpt the key drawing with shadow and color and light. We are very excited! This has been a momentous project, showing us new ways of working together (even after 7 years of collaboration) and really allowing us to stretch our conceptions of what it is possible for us to make

This print will have 4 color blocks. As the natural world is rich with vibrant color at its most glorious vantages, so we hope to affect the "OVERLOOK".  Forests, trees, leaves in ranges of rich green; fields of golden flecked grasses; the gentle fade to pastel that happens as one looks out across a great expanse. Oh, the wonderment of diverse & beautiful living systems at work in the outdoors!

There is much still to do until the print is officially completed, but we wanted to remind you all again that the "OVERLOOK" has just a few more days of earlybird pre-order! 

The price on "OVERLOOK" will be going up soon, so please place an order if you'd like to secure a copy for your collection This will be a limited edition print. Payment plans are now available, last chance to lock in at the current rate!


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