"COMMUNITY", currently in progress here at Tugboat Printshop, is a ecclectic little neighborhood, a hodge podge of home styles & outdoor retreats. Gardens and porches, parks and fountains, rolling hills and treelines, the "COMMUNITY" is both the people (and organisms) and the place. Here, we focus more on the less transient place.  Isn't it interesting to think about land and history? How some way or another, others have shared the space we now occupy, walking & building upon it. Here we are, living alongside that immense and powerful history while at the same time building upon it, changing and adapting it to suit our future needs. How resourceful and wonderful! 

"COMMUNITY" will be a full color print, size is 16" x 20". Early intro pre-order is up online for just a little big longer HERE.(And here's the full photo of the block being carved, for some reason the new photo wouldn't load up.) More soon!

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