The 22" tall by 38" wide "DESERT ISLANDwoodcut, just finished! This one's been a long time in the making, a lot of head scratching on the color blocks and proofing…now it looks just like we hoped it would! (*sigh of relief*)

Printed from 3 blocks, 6 total colors in multiple blend rolls & only one shop roller big enough to span the block. We admit it it took us a bit longer than we could ever have projected. But, the end product, we think, was well worth the wait!

"DESERT ISLANDis not your typical tropical island. A no man's land built of refuse (yes, we were thinking about the pacific trash gyre) from which life slowly springs. The "DESERT ISLAND" imagines wastefulness with the comic spin of the classic stranded at sea story…should any shipwrecked MacGyver find themselves on this isle, surely there are bits and pieces to construct some useful solution. Look closely at those piles for any number of helpful treasures!

The print is available for purchase here, soon to be updated to a new post pre-order rate. First batch will ship shortly!

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