Hello, friends of print! We have posted the in-progress "MOTH" woodcut as a pre-order on our site this week. It will not remain a pre-order for long! We have plans to wrap up production within the next 2-3 weeks (along with the "DESERT ISLAND") and so the intro pre-ordering deal will expire pretty quickly. Act fast to secure a copy of your very own! "MOTH" pre-orders can be placed HERE.

Undulating patterns hypnotically sweep across the feathery, petal-like wings of the new "MOTH" woodcut. The delicate, powdery chalkiness of the insect's dusty pigment will come forward in color choices that are earthy and milky (probably not black, as above on the block, that's just the pen color we used to draw the image). A nocturnal creature, but a symbol of hope & newness nonetheless. A soft and fluttering presence, a meticulous and complex emblem of the building blocks that shape our natural world. The "MOTH" woodcut will be printed from 2 blocks in 2 colors on Okawara paper. Final size will likely be 18" x 25".

Be in touch if you have any questions!

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