A zoom out of the finished key block drawing for the new "MOTH" woodcut! We've started the carving, and there is plenty of carving to do!

Birds and insects have really been making their rounds lately. Visiting garden blossoms, eating grass seeds when the lawn gets long and we haven't mown because we like it when the clovers grow up. 

We see such a small section from our little plot in the city, but it seems teeming to us, which seems to be a good sign.

Stay tuned for "MOTH" updates here on the blog or flickr or join our mailing list to be the first to hear word when this 18" x 24" woodcut becomes available. More next week, including updates on the "DESERT ISLAND"! Happy weekend!


Ryan said...

Beautiful! I'm often inspired by insects myself.

Andy Park said...

Truly amazing. I'm really struggling to get a similar level of detail and sharpness of line with my cuts, made on shina ply with japanese tools. Tried varnish, pva, shellac on the ply but keeps splintering. How do you do it?!