The "DESERT ISLAND" color blocks continue to progress (updates really, really soon!), and alongside those big blocks we've been handing back & forth some other stuff (woodblocks) too!

As you may know, Tugboat Printshop is just the two of us, husband and wife, Paul and Valerie, collaborating to make artwork, usually woodcut prints. Every aspect of the making of our prints is done, start to finish, by the two of us working together.  We work on many blocks at a time, handing everything back and forth lots of times. Projects are always happening simultaneously.

In any event, we guess we're trying to let you know that there is a whole lot to anticipate here at Tugboat Printshop this Fall! We've been working like crazy and there is lots of new, lots to come! You should really stay tuned.

For the present, here's a peek at the tiniest of the batch of blocks we have in the works, a wee little image that we will probably be titled "TREE SWING". Coming soon to OUR SHOP!

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