While we almost always print as a team, printing "THE MOON" especially requires the team effort, with sheets of paper each over 36" x 31" and the blocks nearly the size of our press bed! Each of us rolls one of the two jig-sawed blocks (the moon shape, the sky) that, after inking, are fit together into one and print as the final layer of ink over the silvery grey block, finishing "THE MOON" print.  It is a slow, rhythmic process, with great care and precision taken to make sure that each block is carefully and uniformly rolled with ink and, then, that each is locked into position exactly where it needs to be before printing through the press onto paper. 

It's a pretty magical experience each time we pull a finished print off the press!

"THE MOON" woodcut is a limited edition of 200 prints, available for purchase framed or unframed in our online shop. You can also see bunches of photos chronicling  the development of this large scale artwork on our flickr.

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Janet Davis said...

My favorite so far!
Just love it.
The printshop and the blog looks great too.

Your fan from Newfoundland,