Carving has begun! We are well on the way to finishing the first block of "THE MOON." Hoping to be started on the second by the weekend, but we'll also be at HANDMADE ARCADE!  We'll have the block along with us in our booth, just in case you want to stop by and take a look in person.  

"THE MOON" will be a 36" x 32" woodcut printed from 2 woodblocks. The block above will print 2 colors (the yellow line above is our jigsaw line to cut out the moon, the surrounding background will be further developed). Another block will be drawn and carved for the backdrop as well. Expect silvery greys, and twinkly white stars!

Tried to capture the scale of this piece in the photos above, it is quite big! Our largest collaborative woodcut to date! We're offering it right now at an amazing intro rate for the holidays. You can see the drawing in better, upright perspective and check out all the landmarks HERE. Okay! Back to work! More soon!

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