Finished planning the color blocks for our latest big woodcut print in the works last week ~ "GARDEN" ~ and now we're onto the carving stage. Lots and lots of time spent pouring over all the little details in the 3 color blocks & how they will work together to layer just right into just the color we imagined for the print…boy-o-boy woodcut can be such a process! And girl-o-girl this "GARDEN" print has a whole lotta detail!

So, we've finished carving the yellow block (first 2 pics above) and work on the red is full tilt. Check out this CARVIN' VIDEO we posted to TUGBOAT'S YOUTUBE!

We are planning for the proof to be ready mid-April, with pre-orders shipping out by the end of the month. Ya-hoo! PRE-ORDER "GARDEN" is still available for a limited time ~ get a copy of this print-n-progress at the introductory rate HERE!


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Bad Jones Rising said...

This is a crazy question but do you guys ever sell the blocks themselves? I knew this guy in college who made big bucks off of his old screens after the "limited edition" prints were sold. Of course there were contracts involved.

I do love this though. I am excited for the prints!