We'll have photos of the "GARDEN" color blocks in progress real soon, but couldn't wait to show you what the 2 key blocks look like printed together! The 2 blocks printed above will both be tinted colors (not straight up black) in the final print but the 2 tone proof above gives an idea what block #1 looks like printed with block #2. Mighty fine, we think! And just imagine the color layering up all magical like behind this…ooo…shivers! chills! O boy ~ can't wait!

"GARDEN" is available for pre-order at an introductory rate right now on our website. SCOOP UP A COPY NOW and save big bucks (the finished print will be listed at a higher rate)! We expect to be sending the pre-order prints in April.

See all of process photos of the "GARDEN" print here, on our flickr. More soon!

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Louise said...

Looks amazing!
I do like your woodcuts!