Many thanks to the hundreds of folks that showed up for the opening of last night's (July 15, 2011) DRAWN IN A DAY exhibition at S P A C E in Pittsburgh! Unfortunately, we were only able to snap a few photos at the beginning of the project, and a few at the end of the night and the in-between was a crazy, hectic fun madness of making!

Starting at 1:00pm with the opening of the gallery doors, we (Tugboat Printhshop, Paul + Valerie) began drawing on two 8x8 woodblocks (below). Shortly thereafter, we were carving like CRAZY and by around 5:00pm we were able to start printing the first of the blocks. By 7:00pm the 2nd was carved and being inked up and by 9:00pm we had at least 100 prints of each (all printed by hand with brayers!), chopped on the paper cutter (yes, we brought along a paper cutter) and ready to post up on the wall in the shape of a spiral corn maze!

We weren't able to completely finish our project…so we'll be returning to the gallery sometime very soon to wrap up the design. We'll post a little gallery tour afterwards of our finished piece and the other awesome projects that were happening at the same time!

What a labor of printmaking! We learned a whole lot about pace and what we are capable of doing in a 7 hour day!

DRAWN IN A DAY is up at S P A C E Gallery through September 4, 2011.

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What a fantastic effort, I'm truly impressed. Speaking as a printmaker myself, I know how hard you will have worked to achieve all this in one day, and the result looks great!