The Society for Contemporary Craft has commissioned Tugboat Printshop to create an original woodblock poster for their upcoming show, DIY: A Revolution in Handicrafts! We're almost done with the drawing and carving ~ the printing starts tomorrow ~ but we wanted to share a few of our development photos.

Tugboat Printshop's "America the Beautiful" woodcut print, along with all 5 color blocks used to print the full color image of 'America', will hang in the DIY exhibition, which runs from September 10-March 26, 2011.

Keep an eye out for the finished woodblock printed posters announcing the DIY show in your Pittsburgh neighborhood! Soon!

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katie said...

I can't possibly express how much I adore the work of your shop - it's so gorgeous. I'm also curious about what tools you use for carving - I've only done soft cuts (lino, eraser, etc.) but I'm starting to look into trying my hand at woodcuts, and I'm really interested in what kind of equipment you use.

And again: love, love, love.