Bazaar Bizarre, Cleveland OH

We spent the past weekend (July 25-27) in Downtown Cleveland @ Ingenuity Fest for the first ever Summer Bazaar Bizarre. Our location within the festival left something to be desired, but we amped up our handmade and plastered the alleyways with sharpie marker signs to lure folks to our little slice of paradise. Thanks to everyone who found us!


madeleine said...

I am from Cleveland, and this post gave me the warm fuzzies for my old hometown.

It is interesting, although many of your current works (ocean series) have a kind of yo-ho-ho-and-a-bottle-of-rum aesthetic, they seem very much in fitting with Cleveland's sliding towards the Cuyahoga vibe.

They are also really beautiful in their own right. I hope Cleveland was good to you.

Valerie said...

I actually wasn't an artist---but as a visitor (and Clevelander)compared to past Ingenuities--I actually LOVED the "artists village". It was a cool funky spot---and it was beautiful in the evening. Hope it went reasonably well at least for you.