Fallingwater Day-trip

We took a little day-trip to Bear Run, PA, yesterday to experience Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece (commissioned by the Kaufmann's of Pittsburgh) Fallingwater. It was just stunning. They discourage picture taking inside and from the terraces--a huge disappointment as these areas were certainly picturesque! I guess they want you to buy the book :) The details of this house are utterly fabulous--the blend with nature, convincing. Absolutely recommend a trip if you are ever in the area (though it is wise to reserve a spot on the tour ahead of time--you'll be waiting for a while if you don't!)

Fallingwater also offered the opportunity for us city folk to experience fall in the Pennsylvania woodlands--the forest air was sooooo invigorating! More pictures from the hike to and from the house on our flickr site. Cheers!


Keelie said...

Hi Paul & Valerie,

I was strolling through a few blogs and happened to see you are from my neck of the woods, so to speak, so thought I'd just say "Hey!"

I'm from Guys Mills, PA, originally from Conneaut Lake (perhaps - or not!- you've heard of that teeny little town?)

I visited Falling Waters perhaps 10 or so years ago - it is beautiful! I kind of got a feeling of De Ja Vu while I was there, and realized it was because it reminded me so much of a house my uncle (also an architect) had designed and lived in himself for many years. His was a much more modest home, of course, but definitely had the "flavor" of Falling Waters. When I mentioned this to my mother she said that F.L.W. was definitely a role model of his, so I guess that made sense!

Really enjoyed seeing your prints also (woodcuts?) - very nicely done! I am an artist as well; would much enjoy a visit on my blog from you if you find the time (most of the few works I've posted are buried somewhere in my blog's archives right now, but I hope to post more soon.)

Best wishes for continued success in your studio endeavors! If you don't mind, I think I'll add you to my favorites so I can check your site out a bit more when I have a little more time.


Colleen Nye (KeelieGirl)

Justin said...

Fall Perfection!!!

Anonymous said...

These are the first pictures of Falling Water that I've seen outside of a book. I love your blog/website. You guys are living the dream. I am so proud of you.