Tugboat Printshop: A Little History

Welcome to our new blog! You've found the online hub for all things related to Tugboat Printshop (new art, shows, press, musings, projects, goings-on, etc.) starting, well, now! But, first, a little history about us...

Tugboat Printshop is the collaborative design, printing, framing and do-it-yourself, crafty efforts of husband and wife team Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth.

We moved to Pittsburgh in July of 2006 to start Tugboat Printshop. Why? We love printmaking! We're both die-hard printmaking aficionados and aspired post-graduation to find the means to be printmaking and making new work, pretty much, for the rest of our lives. The product of our focused efforts to realize this dream is Tugboat Printshop. We want to help propagate the spread of reasonably priced, thought-provoking, quality artworks to patrons within our community and our nation at large.

More introductory information can be found on our website.

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hrsj said...

Wow! I just visited your flickr site and am enthralled with what you're doing! I commend you on your beautiful work, collaborative efforts, beautiful facilities, and upcoming project of opening your studio to other artists. I'm going to join your mailing list and check back on your blog. Great stuff here! Thanks for sharing.